Snapshots of Our Journey – The Cuckolding Pitch

“What if I told you that I never want to be with anyone besides you again?  That I want you to lock me up and control my orgasms?  Most of all, I want you to have the freedom to fuck anyone you want.  You deserve a loving fiancé and bigger, better lovers – the best of both worlds.  I want you to have that.”

I can still recall the exact words my fiancé said when he introduced me to the world of cuckolding.  I’ve come to learn a lot about how crucial this moment is.  I’ve talked with married cuckolds yearning to learn the best way to share their desires with their wives.  I’ve received countless inquires from single cucks asking how my fiancé introduced me to the lifestyle and how to achieve the elusive “Yes, I’m willing to try” response.  I’ve come to call this moment the “Cuckolding Pitch”, as it does resemble on a basic level a sales pitch.  However, I realize that terminology is definitely a simplification of an immensely personal, relationship my experience.

My fiancé did an excellent job introducing me to the cuckolding lifestyle.  I’ll provide some of our story to give the appropriate context to our conversation.  My cuckold and I opened our relationship about a year and a half before transitioning to cuckolding.  We decided to transition from a monogamous relationship to a swinging/kink relationship.  This decision was mutual as I had a working knowledge of swinging relationships and the kink/bdsm world.  However, I quickly realized that our “swinging relationship” was very different than the other swinging couples we knew.  My fiancé seemed perfectly happy having MFM threesomes with me, or quickly ending his participation in a full-swap play session to watch me play.  I can recall many Friday evenings together where I would ask if he wanted to have a couple over so we could all play.  “No babe,” he’d reply, “Just get a single guy over, it’s way easier.”  I didn’t realize it until later, but my fiancé was certainly playing out his cuckolding fantasy before he was willing to share the truth about his desires with me.

This swinging phase of our relationship was crucial to our development. I was able to rediscover my sexual prowess and gain confidence and he was able to explore and solidify his true desires. I began to feel more empowered in my sexuality, and it wasn’t long before I was exploring new fantasies. My birthday was quickly approaching, and a swinger friend asked if he could organize a party for me. “Honestly, I’m really more interested in a gangbang.” He quickly responded, “Oh, really?! That could be arranged!” For a moment I hesitated, wondering what the conversation would be like whenI proposed these birthday plans to my fiancé. How laughable in hindsight!

I never postpone an awkward conversation; so as soon as I got home from work that evening I sat down next to my fiancé, the man I was betrothed to marry, and told him about my birthday wish.  For a moment, he became very quiet.  His eyes broke contact with mine and fell to the floor.  He bit his cheek like he often does when thinking deeply.  Feelings of anxiety rose from my stomach and I began to wonder if I had upset him terribly-if I had gone too far.  It was at that moment that he uttered the words I quoted at the beginning of this post.  A cocktail of emotions washed over me.  Curiosity, bewilderment, concern, excitement.  A drove of hurried thoughts rushed through my brain.  What does he mean by “lock him up?”  He wants me to put a chastity device on his cock?  Why would anyone want that?!  I would loose my shit if I had to wear a chastity belt!  I asked each of my questions and he responded to each insightfully and carefully.  Although I was overwhelmed I could hardly sleep that night, I was far too stimulated by the possibilities.  Needless to say, I got my gangbang and he got his cage.

There are definitely some things I wish my Cuck had articulated differently during his cuckold pitch.  Like many cuckolds who have only dwelled in fantasy he was a connoisseur of cuckold porn, erotica, and captions.  That material definitely piqued my curiosity and I devoured everything that he shared.  However, I soon discovered just how shallow and unhelpful cuckold porn and erotica is after attempting to use them as a resource in forging our cuckolding relationship.  Luckily, I found the Keys and Anklets podcast very shortly after we transitioned our dynamic and I began learning from real couples leading this lifestyle authentically.  

What shone through my cuckold’s pitch was a genuineness that spoke to something deep within me.  His vulnerability, willingness, and courage shone a beam of light into a part of myself I had tried time and time again to unsuccessfully shutter permanently.  Without delving to deeply into the spiritual realm of acceptance and freedom this lifestyle provides me, I would like to believe this was one of the few namasté moments in my life.  I learned long ago that that one simple word actually has a mind-bending meaning: I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells.  I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.  When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.

We are one.  My strengths perfectly complimenting his short-comings.  My flame of passion fanned by acceptance.  “You deserve the best of both worlds.  I want you to have that.”  How right he was.

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4 thoughts on “Snapshots of Our Journey – The Cuckolding Pitch

  1. Watching porn together was key to unlocking the fantasy of this for me and my wife. I wasn’t able to articulate the fantasy myself but watching videos leading to ones with husbands watching their wives was important and I could admit I enjoyed that voyeuristic aspect to her. That she could get and I told her I liked the idea of seeing her having new experiences and exploring her desires but as something we could share together. She wasn’t confident in the idea at first but play and pillow talk is helping her feel more confident. That said, our route isnt perfect. I’ve still not been able to share every aspect of the fantasy I enjoy especially things that would be the FLR aspects. I’m not as bold as your fiance to say that I want her to lock me up, but it is something I’d consider. The tease and denial aspects are often a huge part of this for many couples but articulating why to your partner that hasn’t experienced that is difficult. Its putting a vulnerable side of yourself out there. Getting over those humps is proving more difficult.

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  2. I understand your desire to have your cake and eat it too. I’m puzzled why the cuck is misidentified/mislabeled as heterosexual not homosexual. He represses his desire for other men out of shame only to substitute it for another shame and embrace of humiliation. He is desired for only the financial stability he brings, and deep down here loathes himself infinitely more than those who enjoy humiliating him.

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    1. This comment is quite curious to me, perhaps you are projecting your own experience on to my blog, Either way, I did not mention my Cuck’s sexual orientation because it’s not relevant to the topic of the post. I’m not saying that male bisexuality isn’t relevant to a cuckolding dynamic, because it is, but that was not the focus of this blog.

      Furthermore, you are making some strong assumptions about who brings the financial stability in my household and other cuckolding households. It appears that you need to do some research on this lifestyle, sexuality, and humiliation. My cuck and many of my cuck friends do not have low self esteem and they are not self-loathing. Our character is not determined by what we enjoy in the bedroom. Best of luck to you in your journey of understanding.

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  3. I’ve been a cuckold and I am transgender. I’ve never been attracted, sexually, to men, except in my fantasies wherein I am a woman. For me, letting my female partner have sex with others and sharing in her stories has been a way for me to experience through imagination what it is like to have sex with a man as a woman.
    I have often wondered if and/or how many cuckolds are really transgender. What are your thoughts?

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