My Conversation with Michael C. on the Keys and Anklets Podcast

I wanted to inform my blog followers that I was recently given the opportunity to have a recorded conversation with prolific Bull and wifesharing lifestyle promoter Michael C. for the Keys and Anklets podcast.

This episode is a tremendous honor because I have been an avid listener of the Keys and Anklets podcast since the very early days of our transition to cuckolding. If you are not familiar with the podcast, Michael C. has curated an amazing collection of conversations with Hotwife and Cuckold couples. All of his episodes are informative, honest, and revealing. Listening to real couples genuinely express their love of the wifesharing lifestyle inspired me when we were a fledgling cuckold couple and continues to inspire me now.

I’m sure you are passionate about cuckolding if you read my blog. There is no better way to show your support for this lifestyle than to support the Keys and Anklets podcast on patreon. If you become a patron now you can listen to my episode before it is released to the general public. Please consider becoming a patron along with me so we can promote this amazing lifestyle. When the episode is released fully I will include it in this blog post.

My episode has been released to all Keys and Anklets listeners. The podcast is available on all major podcasting hosts and also available on the Keys and Anklets website:


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