A Seat At The Table

I have never re-blogged a fellow writer’s post before but I consider the message in this writing to be extremely important. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. I will continue to follow my friend’s example of inclusivity and acceptance of other’s expression of cuckolding.


My path into cuckolding began similar to many: through pornography. It was a much simpler time; I didn’t understand cucking as a viable relationship or lifestyle, let alone know of any resources or community. I simply imagined my wife being intimate with another man instead of me and it made me cum harder than anything else before. Eventually I longed for more substance and searched out real people on as many websites and message boards I could find like cuckoldmarriage.info, ourhotwives.org and blacktowhite.net. One day while browsing B2W I saw a comment by a user promoting his upcoming show about cuckolding. I couldn’t look it up fast enough. The podcast was called Keys and Anklets.

Hearing real conversations changed everything for me. The incredible dynamic that seemed merely the stuff of online fantasy felt more tangible than ever. My headphones became my safe place to secretly live vicariously a life…

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