Musing about The Future: A Special Announcement from cuckoldress scarlet

A few days ago I spontaneously coined a phrase that I believe describes the current phase of development for cuckolding within our society: The Cuckolding Renaissance. The Renaissance period was marked by an explosion of artisans, philosophers, and scholars that propelled humanity to a higher plane of consciousness through their ingenuity and creativity.   My optimistic spirit leads me to believe that after a year of isolation sparked by a global pandemic, we as a species have learned novel ways to forge relationships, build trust, and express ourselves sexuality.  As the adage says, necessity is the mother of invention.  I believe that non-traditional relationships and sexual expression have always been a part of the human experience but in the current day we stand the greatest opportunity to validate and normalize these kinds of relationships in a way that was impossible 20 years ago.  The internet has given us a medium by which to learn, connect with, and reflect on a massive host of human experiences that we could have never accessed before.  Thus, the massive rise in popularity of cuckolding relationships does not surprise me.  Cuckolding is all over the internet: whether it is aggregate data which consistently places “cuckold” high on the list of porn search terms, the thousands of cuckolding erotica tomes on Amazon, or the multitudes of forums where users share experiences and fantasies.  

Each of these elements is furthering cuckolding in some ways, however, I believe we have entered into a Cuckolding Renaissance primarily because more genuine, accessible people who live this lifestyle are sharing their story than ever before.  I am certainly a part of that movement.  I began writing for Cuckoldress Musings at the height of the pandemic during the doldrums of lockdowns, closures, and uncertainty.  Devoid of the stimulation of actively engaging in the lifestyle, I began to process my experiences in a new and revealing way.  I realized that I have a great deal to offer the current cuckolding community and, more importantly, the women and men discovering this beautiful relationship dynamic during this season.   Since making that decision, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to share my experience on a much broader scale than I could have imagined.  This blog has been viewed 80,000 times by over 31,000 visitors.  I have been featured in over 10 podcast episodes.  I have been invited to participate in livestreams and answer questions and I have received scores of messages from my readers.  

Needless to say, I am continually humbled and grateful that one woman’s story of coming to love cuckolding the love of my life has created such a tremendous impact.  I started Cuckoldress Musings with a few simple goals:

  1. Give back to the cuckolding lifestyle that has given me so much.
  2. Elevate the experience of cuckolding for women by making it more accessible.
  3. Connect with my readers through my authenticity and passion.

I believe I have made significant contributions in each of these areas, yet these goals are evergreen.  As I approach the year anniversary of my blog I have decided to make a greater commitment while pursuing these goals.  It has always been my sincere desire to release posts on a regular schedule, however, the responsibilities of my very full life have often intervened.  I am very excited about my renewed dedication because I will now be releasing a new blog post every two weeks!  The best way to ensure that you never miss a post is to subscribe to my blog. Doing so by email will enable you to catch every sexy moment.

I am also extremely excited to announce a project I have been considering for quite some time.  I know that my blog currently only offers visitors the opportunity to read my writings and with the popularity of audiobooks and podcasts on the rise many of you would likely prefer to listen to the content on my blog.  I am so pleased to announce that I will be releasing the first installment of Story Time with Scarlet in July.  Story time will consist of audio-reads of my current blog posts, audio exclusive writings, and even conversations with my lifestyle friends.  Story Time with Scarlet will be released on my website and may also be available on podcasting platforms in the near future, so be sure to check frequently for updates!

I am sincerely excited about these new offerings and I am thrilled that I will be able to share my sexy lifestyle experiences with you more frequently and personally.  I have always wanted to give my readers the best possible experience when accessing my site, and I am immensely proud of what I have achieved in such a short time.  This desire for excellence has led me to make personal investments to purchase domain hosting, server space, logos, ect.  Up until this point, I have not sought up financial contributions from my readers or followers to help support my writing and my website in general.   I did not want any readers to arrive at the false impression that my love of cuckolding is motivated by anything other than genuine passion.  One year later, I believe I have proven that my devotion to the cuckolding lifestyle is authentic and that my blog also brings a tremendous amount of value to the community.  

I have decided to give my readers an opportunity to support the blog through a donation function.  These donations are completely voluntary and will be applied towards covering the cost of operating Cuckoldress Musings.  I am unable to monetize the blog through ads due to the adult nature of my site and I also enjoy the ad-free experience of browsing Cuckoldress Musings. I want to emphasize that all of the content on Cuckoldress Musings will remain available for free with no content behind paywalls.   If you are willing and able to support the blog with a donation you are greatly assisting me in ensuring the continued sustainability of Cuckoldress Musings as a resource for present and future readers.

I want to explain a few more important points about the donation function.  Donations will always be completely voluntary, I only encourage readers to donate who can responsibly afford to do so.  Readers are under no obligation to donate and can continue to enjoy Cuckoldress Musings without donating.  Donations come with no promise of increased contact with me, any sort of media exchange or sexual contact with me, and are simply a way of supporting my increased commitment to the blog.  

Some of my readers have expressed a desire to get a little closer to my lifestyle experiences with bulls.  I have warmed to the idea of curating an Amazon wish list that will contain items that I may wear on a date with a bull or to a lifestyle event.   I will also add items to the list that will enhance my ability to give back to the lifestyle through my podcast interviews and appearances.  Once again, purchasing an item from my wish list is totally voluntary.  I will certainly be sharing some sexy photos of these gifts on my twitter as I receive them.

I am immensely proud of this blog’s contribution to the Cuckolding Renaissance and none of it would be possible without each of my readers.  I cannot adequately express how grateful I am to everyone who has visited this site or listened to one of the podcasts I have been featured on.  I am especially grateful to my readers who have reached out to me and shared their cuckolding story.  You have inspired me to keep striving to reach my full potential as a Cuckoldress and contributor to this lifestyle, and I cannot thank you enough.  The future’s so bright for those who love cuckolding relationships, and I cannot wait to continue sharing my love of this beautiful lifestyle with all of you.

XO –

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