• A Seat At The Table
    Originally posted on CUCKOLD KISSES:
    My path into cuckolding began similar to many: through pornography. It was a much simpler time; I didn’t understand cucking as a viable relationship or lifestyle, let alone know of any resources or community. I simply imagined my wife being intimate with another man instead of me and it made…
  • The Anniversary Story: A Foray into Voyeurism and Exhibitionism Part I
    When I announced my last post “She’s Got a Dirty Mouth” on twitter, I received a request from one of my twitter followers about one of the audio posts I shared along with the post: I just love the story behind this particular audio clip, so I began the process of writing about it.  However, […]
  • Cuckoldress Pillow Talks: Spend an Unforgettable Evening With Us!
    Like many of you, I have been swept up in the chaos that defines the holiday season. If you’ve come to know anything about me by reading this blog you’ve probably gleaned that cuckolding is never far from my mind, even in the midst of the most “vanilla” time of year. That’s why I’m so […]
  • She’s Got A Dirty Mouth…
    “I would commit crime for that cock!” I couldn’t help but enthusiastically exclaim how much I enjoyed the bull who had just finished fucking me so well.  As the words fell out of my mouth I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. While my literal sentiment was certainly hyperbolic, my level of enthusiasm […]
  • My Conversation with Michael C. on the Keys and Anklets Podcast
    I wanted to inform my blog followers that I was recently given the opportunity to have a recorded conversation with prolific Bull and wifesharing lifestyle promoter Michael C. for the Keys and Anklets podcast. This episode is a tremendous honor because I have been an avid listener of the Keys and Anklets podcast since the […]
  • The Green-Eyed Monster
    I recently had the opportunity to participate in a conversation about my journey as a cuckoldress for a respected podcast about the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyles. The host, who has become a good friend, asked me a very insightful question about jealousy.  He prefaced the question by explaining that women receive the message that jealousy is conflated […]
  • Snapshots of Our Journey – The Cuckolding Pitch
    “What if I told you that I never want to be with anyone besides you again?  That I want you to lock me up and control my orgasms?  Most of all, I want you to have the freedom to fuck anyone you want.  You deserve a loving fiancé and bigger, better lovers – the best […]
  • An Ode to the Oral Service of Big Black Cock
    It’s not difficult for me to select my favorite sex act with my bulls.  My answer would always be, without a moments hesitation, sucking their beautiful, ebony cocks.  The strong surge of emotions I feel when I’m on my knees before one of my bulls is unparalleled and so intoxicating.  Opening up the back of […]
  • Clarifying A Declaration
    I recently created a twitter profile and joined the vibrant and thriving cuckolding community on twitter.  As I was crafting my bio, I wrote the following sentence and decided it was crucial to include: No onlyfans, no findomme, I lead my lifestyle authentically. I have since wanted to clarify why I so clearly state that […]

Miss scarlet always wears red…

I’m a passionate Queen of Spades Cuckoldress sharing my musings on the interracial cuckolding lifestyle. My blog contains my genuine expressions and observations – a collection I have christened my musings. I am always thinking about cuckolding and the amazing sex I have with Black Kings.

While you are here, learn more about me, send me an email, or browse the collections of podcast episodes where I have joined as a guest (The Scarlet Letters).

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