She’s Got A Dirty Mouth…

“I would commit crime for that cock!”

I couldn’t help but enthusiastically exclaim how much I enjoyed the bull who had just finished fucking me so well.  As the words fell out of my mouth I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. While my literal sentiment was certainly hyperbolic, my level of enthusiasm was 100 percent genuine.   My bull sensed that and smiled broadly.  Looking back on that enjoyable encounter, I reflected on how my propensity for dirty talk went from the generic “fuck me baby!” to “I would commit crime for that cock!”

Like most people who I imagine read my blog, a great deal of my fundamental understanding of sexual expression came from viewing porn.  I’ve been an avid watcher of porn all my life although for a long time I was ashamed to admit it.  In porn, dirty talk is pretty generic in most of the standard categories.  It’s full of canned phrases you hear over and over again; I’m sure we could all summon memories of hearing a beautiful actress coo “I love that dick baby!” Or “Fuck me harder daddy!” while she’s performing.  As a young women with a burgeoning sex drive and a desire to please my partners, I took to using these phrases often during sex.  However, for the longest time, I would not identify dirty talk as an element that contributed to my arousal.  I realize now that I likely felt that way because these phrases weren’t genuine at all.  They came from the famously overproduced porn of the early 2000’s and the convincing actresses were likely given those lines from male directors.  In fact, “dirty talk” felt so hollow for me that at one point in my life I had abandoned it completely.  I look back and shutter at my misfortune for those years and the memory of that time makes me all the more grateful for the enthusiasm I have in my sex life now.

When I didn’t have the knowledge of just how hot genuine dirty talk was, I saw it more as a courting necessity than an aphrodisiac to enhance sex.  At this point in my life I had clocked scores of hours of phone sex and I was a very accomplished flirt.  I knew how to subtly change the tone and timbre of my voice to give it a velvety, alluring texture.  What I was missing was the content of dirty talk that would mutually arose both my partner and I.  The advent of texting broke down some barriers in that area for me.  Writing has always been one of my talents.  The ability to craft some truly sexy messages and edit them before I sent them for maximum impact helped me find my voice.  I could fluidly express myself via text, but I couldn’t help but feel as though something was missing from dirty talk during sex.

A revolutionary shift happened this this arena when I started dating my fiancé. He is a wonderfully skilled orator who turned me on immensely by sharing detailed fantasies and raunchy desires.  I have always loved the way he delves deep into my mind during intimate moments, watching attentively to what excites me and what doesn’t.  His enthusiasm weaved a web of trust, one fiber at a time, that allowed me to utter some of my most salacious, deviant cravings.

Non-monogomy opened up so many sexual experiences for me.  I would definitely say my attraction to a man who could “get between my ears” with some nasty words increased dramatically when my fiancé and I began exploring the lifestyle.  I enjoyed the exposure to the variety of ways men and other women talked in bed.  I began to express myself more honestly and fluidly, allowing the barriers between my mouth, brain, and physical sensations to break down.  I found myself saying things that felt like they were part of my regular vernacular dipped in a lustful layer of chocolate.  Finally I had broken through my ideas of what I thought dirty talk needed to sound like and began expressing what I wanted to say in bed.  However, I had no idea how much my proficiency for dirty talk would be tested when my fiancé and I transitioned to cuckolding.

Humiliation definitely falls under the umbrella of dirty talk in my determination.  It is a targeted, highly-specific form of dirty talk, but the essential function is the same.  I want to save my journey with humiliation for a separate blog post, but it’s essential to my development as a dirty-talking cuckoldress.  Humiliating my cuckold fiancé did not initially come naturally to me for a number of reasons.  I felt slightly crestfallen, it seemed that just as I was finding my sexual voice I was presented with an entirely novel and foreign concept.  In the early days of our transition, I found myself once again hosting words that weren’t mine.  I replaced the canned phrasesof my early sexual experiences with the new terms I heard the performers in cuckold porn sharply remark: “Look at that pathetic little dicklet!  I’m going to lock that sad excuse for a dick up and throw away the key!”  My cuck was so ecstatic to finally experience the humiliation he had long craved that it took a while for him to notice how unappealing it was for me.  We engaged in a great deal of communication about humiliation, and I grew more and more willing to go through the same process of owning it.

Cuckolding is beautiful for so many reasons.  There’s a mystical quality to the triad of energy that occurs to between the bull, cuckold, and cuckoldress that is unparalleled in its eroticism.   As I started to meet bulls and have sexual experiences that were far more pleasurable than I could have imagined, I began noticing myself talking more and more in the bedroom.  Spurred on by the enthusiasm of my cuck and the intense sexual prowess of my bulls, I allowed my inner slut to chronicle the narrative of my encounter.  I began referring to my bulls differently, gone were the days when I would call the man who was fucking me baby or daddy.  I began enthusiastically calling my bulls King or Sir, begging them to ruin or destroy my pussy with their beautiful big black cocks.  The words may sound cliche when read, but when uttered from my mouth in the throes of worshiping my bulls any observer would know I genuinely mean every word.  The last vestiges of the barrier that once existed between my mind, body and mouth had collapsed.  Now, my propensity for dirty talk turns me on so much I can hardly keep myself quiet.  I’ve got a filthy mouth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I was writing this post, I became keenly aware that writing would not be the best medium to fully display this subject.  I enlisted the help of a good friend, @usefulbcuck on twitter to select a few audio clips that from my personal collection of videos.  These clips exemplify my dirty talking abilities, and I may even add new clips as my cuckolding adventures continue.  Oh and be forewarned: I am very, very loud and these clips are in no way safe for work. Enjoy!

It drives my bull wild when I humiliate my cuckold.
A dominant bull takes what’s his.
Telling my cuck directly how useless he is compared to my bull.
The sound of a King making a Queen cum while interrupting an anniversary announcement.

I would also like to thank my friend Castaway for providing the invaluable service of proofreading my posts.

My Conversation with Michael C. on the Keys and Anklets Podcast

I wanted to inform my blog followers that I was recently given the opportunity to have a recorded conversation with prolific Bull and wifesharing lifestyle promoter Michael C. for the Keys and Anklets podcast.

This episode is a tremendous honor because I have been an avid listener of the Keys and Anklets podcast since the very early days of our transition to cuckolding. If you are not familiar with the podcast, Michael C. has curated an amazing collection of conversations with Hotwife and Cuckold couples. All of his episodes are informative, honest, and revealing. Listening to real couples genuinely express their love of the wifesharing lifestyle inspired me when we were a fledgling cuckold couple and continues to inspire me now.

I’m sure you are passionate about cuckolding if you read my blog. There is no better way to show your support for this lifestyle than to support the Keys and Anklets podcast on patreon. If you become a patron now you can listen to my episode before it is released to the general public. Please consider becoming a patron along with me so we can promote this amazing lifestyle. When the episode is released fully I will include it in this blog post.

My episode has been released to all Keys and Anklets listeners. The podcast is available on all major podcasting hosts and also available on the Keys and Anklets website:


The Green-Eyed Monster

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a conversation about my journey as a cuckoldress for a respected podcast about the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyles. The host, who has become a good friend, asked me a very insightful question about jealousy.  He prefaced the question by explaining that women receive the message that jealousy is conflated with love from society.  He then asked if I questioned the love my fiancé felt for me because he wasn’t jealous of my sexual attention and encouraged me to direct it towards other men.  I’m so grateful for the host’s insight into the barriers and challenges cuckold couples and other non-monogamous couples experience during their development.  I’d like to share some of my feelings about jealousy, share how it’s effected us, and discuss some perspectives on how to manage jealous feelings.  I consulted my cuckold fiancé for this post to obtain his perspective and I will be including his thoughts on the matter.

We’ve all felt jealousy, that desperate, gnawing feeling that leads to anger and bitterness.  It’s a blight that curses relationships and can lead sane people down a rabbit hole of unending strife and chaos.  I was lucky enough to get jealousy’s number years ago, and what I discovered proved that this raging green-eyed monster is nothing more than a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Early on in my professional career, I stumbled into working as a domestic violence counselor.  Most would assume that I was working with survivors of domestic violence, but I actually worked exclusively on the other side of the isle with the men who had perpetrated the violence.  I had excellent training and a curriculum that focused on encouraging my clients to accountability for their violent behavior and learn relationship and communication skills.  As I worked with these men I began to see a pattern emerging: so many of their episodes of violence were motivated by jealousy.  These men were generally highly insecure, unsure of themselves, and in need of constant reassurance and praise.  Rather than the cold-blooded batterers that most would assume to find in domestic violence counseling, I was working with men who struggled more with self-confidence issues and had no tools to cope with feelings of inadequacy.  Sadly and unnecessarily, they fell into patterns of habitual violence that damaged their families and loved ones.  I am not arguing that jealousy has a causal relationship on intimate partner violence, as it has wide-ranging multifaceted causes.  I was, however, able to observe a very clear correlation between jealousy and intimate partner violence.

At this point in my life, I had already experienced my share of dealings with jealous boyfriends.  I didn’t fully understand the contributing factors to jealousy and I did briefly experience the misgiving that they were jealous because they loved me, and it felt good to seemingly be so loved.  None of those relationships lead to anything serious, as I have always slithered away from controlling partners.  My understanding of jealousy was cemented in my mind when I began working with my domestic violence clients, but it’s applicable for everyone.  Jealousy is not an admirable trait.  It’s rooted in low self-esteem, insecurity, and a lack of confidence.  No good can come from rampant, unchecked jealousy.

With this understanding in the back of my mind, I specifically sought out a partner that did not display any kind of jealous behavior.   Of course, I didn’t know anything about cuckolding, but I knew for certain that I wouldn’t be able to cope with a jealous guy.  When I started dating my fiancé, he seemed abundantly sure of himself, confident, and self-aware.  We have always been the kind of couple that wouldn’t dream about looking through one another’s phone or social media messages.  Trust flourished naturally from our openness and honesty with one another.  I knew early-on that jealousy wasn’t likely to rear it’s ugly head in our relationship, however, I had no idea just how much the trust in our relationship would be explored.

As our relationship evolved into a swinging dynamic and ultimately a cuckolding dynamic, we have experienced a lot of situations that may have sparked jealousy for other people. However, it was largely absent from our experience until it cropped up during a few moments in our cuckolding journey. This definitely makes sense for us, as cuckolding has been a far more emotional dynamic than swinging ever was. I came to understand that jealousy is one ingredient in the cocktail of emotions known as cuckold angst. This intense cuckold angst comprises so much of what cuckolds are drawn to sexually within their role in the dynamic. I like to describe these experiences as twinges of jealousy, they are often sharp but very short lived. The twinges of jealousy that my cuckold has experienced throughout our journey generally fall into three categories, and were addressed easily with communication and connection.

Jealousy of Possession

“I’m jealous over you.

Jealousy of possession is the simplest form of jealousy. It’s the jealousy that screams, “But you’re my wife/girlfriend! Therefore I deserve all of your attention/affection/adoration!” This jealousy is rooted in black-and-white thinking, attention-seeking behavior, and general immaturity. Carrying though the line of reasoning that accompanies this feeling makes absolutely zero sense. At some point, your significant other is going to have to shift his or her attention away from you if they desire to be functional in society. If couples in the lifestyle are experiencing this challenge, I would encourage the person experiencing the jealousy to specifically define what is triggering the jealousy. Do you experience feelings of jealousy that your wife is texting her bull as she sits next to you on the couch? Beyond the fact that you consented to this arrangement and encouraged her to explore her sexuality with other men, how rational is it to become disturbed by your wife or girlfriend sending a text message?

Jealousy of Envy

“I’m jealous over the man that’s fucking you.”

This is the form of jealousy that has been most prevalent in our relationship. My cuck realized very shortly after our transition that he could never provide me with the sexual pleasure that my bulls can. He had fantasized about this experience for years, but experiencing it in reality was raw and new. The bulls I have had the pleasure of sharing my bed with are generally athletic and have bodies that are very different than his. Yes, they are more well endowed, but they also have sexual stamina and virility that he has never been able to achieve. These specific jealous feelings can be very common for cuckolds, as they often deeply desire their Cuckoldresses to seek out men who are very different than them. This thought excites them, but can also trigger feelings of low self-esteem. Cuckolds who are confident in themselves may never experience this form of jealousy. Thankfully, my cuckold fiancé has grown out of experiencing this jealousy with time and communication. Reconnecting and taking a hiatus if necessary are two great approaches to addressing these feelings of jealousy.

Jealousy of Status

“I’m jealous over what we have.”

This is likely the most damaging form of jealousy.  These jealous feelings stem from insecurity and fear.  These feelings of jealousy are present when a partner in a wifesharing dynamic is afraid that it will lead to the cuckoldress/hotwife ending the relationship because, and only because, she has the freedom to fuck other men.  It’s the misguided belief that somehow, her sexual freedom will damage or break the foundation of trust and love the relationship was built on.  The inkling that introducing this dynamic will somehow cheapen or lessen the overall quality of the relationship.  Again, I would advise those experiencing this type of jealousy to think this line of reasoning through.  How can a mutually beneficial relationship style that requires increased trust and communication truly damage your relationship?  And if it does, was the foundation of the relationship built firmly enough to withhold the vicissitudes and challenges of life in the first place?  Asking yourself these questions should hopefully reveal the irrational fear behind these feelings of jealousy.

In closing, please realize that I am not asserting that if you are experiencing jealousy within a wifesharing dynamic that you are wrong or bad, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Jealousy is a feeling, and while feelings are valid they are not always right.  Finding relief from jealousy is worth it for you above all else.  

Snapshots of Our Journey – The Cuckolding Pitch

“What if I told you that I never want to be with anyone besides you again?  That I want you to lock me up and control my orgasms?  Most of all, I want you to have the freedom to fuck anyone you want.  You deserve a loving fiancé and bigger, better lovers – the best of both worlds.  I want you to have that.”

I can still recall the exact words my fiancé said when he introduced me to the world of cuckolding.  I’ve come to learn a lot about how crucial this moment is.  I’ve talked with married cuckolds yearning to learn the best way to share their desires with their wives.  I’ve received countless inquires from single cucks asking how my fiancé introduced me to the lifestyle and how to achieve the elusive “Yes, I’m willing to try” response.  I’ve come to call this moment the “Cuckolding Pitch”, as it does resemble on a basic level a sales pitch.  However, I realize that terminology is definitely a simplification of an immensely personal, relationship my experience.

My fiancé did an excellent job introducing me to the cuckolding lifestyle.  I’ll provide some of our story to give the appropriate context to our conversation.  My cuckold and I opened our relationship about a year and a half before transitioning to cuckolding.  We decided to transition from a monogamous relationship to a swinging/kink relationship.  This decision was mutual as I had a working knowledge of swinging relationships and the kink/bdsm world.  However, I quickly realized that our “swinging relationship” was very different than the other swinging couples we knew.  My fiancé seemed perfectly happy having MFM threesomes with me, or quickly ending his participation in a full-swap play session to watch me play.  I can recall many Friday evenings together where I would ask if he wanted to have a couple over so we could all play.  “No babe,” he’d reply, “Just get a single guy over, it’s way easier.”  I didn’t realize it until later, but my fiancé was certainly playing out his cuckolding fantasy before he was willing to share the truth about his desires with me.

This swinging phase of our relationship was crucial to our development. I was able to rediscover my sexual prowess and gain confidence and he was able to explore and solidify his true desires. I began to feel more empowered in my sexuality, and it wasn’t long before I was exploring new fantasies. My birthday was quickly approaching, and a swinger friend asked if he could organize a party for me. “Honestly, I’m really more interested in a gangbang.” He quickly responded, “Oh, really?! That could be arranged!” For a moment I hesitated, wondering what the conversation would be like whenI proposed these birthday plans to my fiancé. How laughable in hindsight!

I never postpone an awkward conversation; so as soon as I got home from work that evening I sat down next to my fiancé, the man I was betrothed to marry, and told him about my birthday wish.  For a moment, he became very quiet.  His eyes broke contact with mine and fell to the floor.  He bit his cheek like he often does when thinking deeply.  Feelings of anxiety rose from my stomach and I began to wonder if I had upset him terribly-if I had gone too far.  It was at that moment that he uttered the words I quoted at the beginning of this post.  A cocktail of emotions washed over me.  Curiosity, bewilderment, concern, excitement.  A drove of hurried thoughts rushed through my brain.  What does he mean by “lock him up?”  He wants me to put a chastity device on his cock?  Why would anyone want that?!  I would loose my shit if I had to wear a chastity belt!  I asked each of my questions and he responded to each insightfully and carefully.  Although I was overwhelmed I could hardly sleep that night, I was far too stimulated by the possibilities.  Needless to say, I got my gangbang and he got his cage.

There are definitely some things I wish my Cuck had articulated differently during his cuckold pitch.  Like many cuckolds who have only dwelled in fantasy he was a connoisseur of cuckold porn, erotica, and captions.  That material definitely piqued my curiosity and I devoured everything that he shared.  However, I soon discovered just how shallow and unhelpful cuckold porn and erotica is after attempting to use them as a resource in forging our cuckolding relationship.  Luckily, I found the Keys and Anklets podcast very shortly after we transitioned our dynamic and I began learning from real couples leading this lifestyle authentically.  

What shone through my cuckold’s pitch was a genuineness that spoke to something deep within me.  His vulnerability, willingness, and courage shone a beam of light into a part of myself I had tried time and time again to unsuccessfully shutter permanently.  Without delving to deeply into the spiritual realm of acceptance and freedom this lifestyle provides me, I would like to believe this was one of the few namasté moments in my life.  I learned long ago that that one simple word actually has a mind-bending meaning: I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells.  I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.  When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.

We are one.  My strengths perfectly complimenting his short-comings.  My flame of passion fanned by acceptance.  “You deserve the best of both worlds.  I want you to have that.”  How right he was.

An Ode to the Oral Service of Big Black Cock

It’s not difficult for me to select my favorite sex act with my bulls.  My answer would always be, without a moments hesitation, sucking their beautiful, ebony cocks.  The strong surge of emotions I feel when I’m on my knees before one of my bulls is unparalleled and so intoxicating.  Opening up the back of my willing throat to receive a hard thrust from the dominant man so deserving of my oral service is an apex experience.  I’m just starting this blog post but I can tell I’m already getting carried away describing the subject…yet I could easily go on and on!

I’ve always had a competitive spirit and thoroughly enjoyed a challenge.  I’ve also always been orally inclined.  I can recall many conversations with girlfriends who did not enjoy providing their boyfriends/husbands with oral sex.  I’ve heard them describe it as a nuisance, or as something they are only willing to do on special occasions like a birthday.  I’ve always been puzzled by these attitudes, as I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed giving head.  I was 19 when a partner told me I had given him the best blowjob he’d ever received.  I can imagine I was glowing with pride in that moment, because I’ve wanted to hear that same review from every man who’s cock I sucked since.

Taking a man into your mouth is the surest way to really get to know him.  His taste…his smell…it’s a complete sensory overload.  Exploring his phallus with my tongue and throat allows me to understand the girth and length of his cock in a way touching it with my hands never could.  Any woman who has sucked a small cock will be likely tell you that it feels extra small in your mouth.  In contrast, sucking a well-endowed man gives me the feeling that he is larger-than-life.  When I strain with each forward stroke to swallow another another inch, and then another, I physically respond in an uncontrollable fashion.  I’ll bounce on my knees to build up the momentum I need, tears my run down my face as my sinuses respond to the head of my black bull’s cock being forced deeper down the back of my throat.  My focus is completely narrowed on the task before me, and I am swept up in a primal desire to taste the cum I’ve come to crave.

I’ve never seen a big, black cock I’ve been daunted by orally servicing.  I’m aware that I can’t completely swallow some of my biggest bulls, but I’m never going to give up the attempt.  I long ago lost the desire to ever take a small man into my mouth again, and I would not ever suck a white dick-no matter how large.  My cuck is not pussy free (yet), but he has surrendered forever the feeling of my lips around his penis.  If I’m brutally honest, the thought of sucking a small, white dick only brings about a feeling of revulsion.  It’s the same palpable feeling that arises when looking at a plate of very unappetizing food. The physiological response from the gut signals the body’s clear message: “I don’t want to ingest that, nor do I want it anywhere near me.” Imagine the difference between that feeling and the mouthwatering anticipation when you haven’t eaten all day and a server approaches the table with a cut of perfectly grilled prime rib.  That’s almost exactly how I feel when I’m on my knees before one of my bulls while he’s unbuttoning his fly.  

The reaction I hope to receive most from my bulls as I try to swallow them is surprise. I hope their internal monologue contains a few of these remarks: Damn, she’s really going for it. I can tell this woman loves to suck cock. She’s been at it for a while, let’s see how long she can go. I love to receive indications of how much my bull is enjoying my service. It may come in the form of a strong hand grasping my hair and pushing me further and further down his shaft. Sometimes he might pull me away so I can see my saliva glisten on his beautiful black cock before giving me a playful slap on the face. The bulls that are truly close to my heart are those that know what a cock-hungry BBC whore I am and use it to their advantage. They want to hear me beg for it before allowing me the immense pleasure of servicing them, and I oblige with enthusiasm.

I enjoy giving the kind of sloppy, wet head that isn’t exactly dainty or cute.  After an evening with a bull I’ve become accustomed to my visage in the mirror-it always looks the same.  The eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara I meticulously applied for an hour before he arrived has run down my cheeks in ravines formed by my tears.  My lipstick has all but rubbed off and my face is flushed in a red, glowing hue.  I can’t help but smile and let out a small laugh – I’ve proven once again just how much I love sucking big, black cock.

Clarifying A Declaration

I recently created a twitter profile and joined the vibrant and thriving cuckolding community on twitter.  As I was crafting my bio, I wrote the following sentence and decided it was crucial to include:

No onlyfans, no findomme, I lead my lifestyle authentically.

I have since wanted to clarify why I so clearly state that I don’t have an onlyfans and that I am not a findomme.  My thoughts on both matters are complex, and I don’t want anyone who sees my profile to begin making assumptions based on that sentence.  So I thought it might be beneficial to write a blog post detailing the reasons why I personally reject both financial dominance and onlyfans (paid content promoting).

As a disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing but respect for sex workers and the profession of sex work.  I believe that sex workers should be given the same benefits and protections entitled to any other working citizen.  This post is not and should not be interpreted an attack on financial domination or paid content promoting.  That is not my intention at all, and I fully respect individual’s right to engage in one or both of these practices.  I am simply clarifying why I, personally, don’t engage in financial domination or paid content promoting.

To preface this discussion I wanted to highlight something I’ve been noticing in the online cuckolding community (the most prevalent community I am currently engaged in due to COVID). I’ve noticed that a great many members of the online community are engaging in cuckolding in novel ways.  I’m coming to realize that the way I express my lifestyle as a cuckoldress (My cuck and I are in a long term relationship, we were vanilla and evolved toward cuckolding over the course of our relationship) can almost be seen as “classic cuckolding.”  Now, it’s common to run across “cuckolds” who’s mistress may live hundreds of miles from him, but is his key holder and financial dominant.  It’s common to run across BBC bulls who are financial dominants to submissive white males.  It’s common to see “cuckold couples” build a brand new profile on fetlife, SLS, quiver, and of course twitter, and every single post in their history has a link to an onlyfans page and a sexy plug.  I’ve watched this trend and I have mostly experienced excitement and joy that the lifestyle I love and enjoy so greatly is gaining traction.  But a small part of me has wondered-what is the true motivation for some of these individuals?  That will likely be a topic for another blog post, but it is that small wonderment that has contributed greatly to the reason I do not engage in financial domination or paid content promoting.  

No findomme.  In all honesty, I don’t fully understand the world of financial domination.  As a cuckoldress, I have crafted and fostered my sexually dominant side with one specific man in mind, my cuck.  I dominate him both because we both enjoy it greatly and it enhances my confidence.  The domination tactics that I employ with my cuck are highly personal, and the immense trust in our relationship allows me to unleash my mentally sadistic tactics on my willing emotional masochist.  It’s a beautiful, complex interplay of humiliation, teasing, and denial. 

There’s no way I could replicate that for some guy who cash apps me $50.   It would feel cheap and hollow, and it would remove so much of the enjoyment I receive when I dominate my cuck.  So, for me, findomming is a no go.  I’m in this lifestyle to pursue pleasure and explore trust; and financial domination is, for me, a world apart from cuckolding.  That’s why I am so glad that Cuckoldress Venus has made a point to vocally proclaim #findommeisnotcuckolding.

No onlyfans.  I first heard of onlyfans about a year ago.  One evening after a long fucking session a bull I was seeing explained onlyfans to me and suggested I join.  I’ll admit that it was definitely a tempting proposition, especially because I have a fuck-load of sexy media and I absolutely love to share my pics/vids in the right circles.  I thought it over, discussed it with my cuck and a few other trusted cuck friends, and decided it wouldn’t be right for me.  I just couldn’t see myself plugging a link at the end of my tweets/posts, putting previews of longer content out there just to “hook” my following in.  It’s simply not what I want to bring to the cuckolding community.  

I understand that onlyfans brings some value to the cuckolding community, as many newbie cucks are finally able to see real cuckold couples in action instead of horribly produced, fake porn.  I am a huge fan of Cassie Bender and some of the other real-life cuckoldresses and hotwives that have made the leap into adult entertainment.  That’s simply not possible for me due to discretionary needs, so I believe paid content promotion is best left to the professionals.

I lead my lifestyle authentically.  My desire in sharing my experiences has always been to promote the legitimacy and validity of healthy cuckolding relationships.  I believe the best way to achieve this goal is simply to be my authentic self without feeling to need to perform or cater to an audience.  I appreciate everyone willing to follow me, converse with me, and share in my experience.  

Lastly, I want to share my gratitude and the abundance of respect I feel for Michael C. Of the Keys and Anklets podcast and Cuckoldress Venus of the Venus Cuckoldress podcast.  These titans in the lifestyle are using their platforms to promote the cuckolding lifestyle, and I was so grateful to find these valuable resources to aid in my cuck and I’s journey.  We need more authentic voices to join them in the promotion of the lifestyle, and that’s my aspiration.

I love how wonderfully unique everyone’s expression of cuckolding is.  If you’re a cuck couple with an onlyfans page, hats off to you.  If you’re a single cuck who has a findomme, thats perfectly fine if it brings you happiness.  I appreciate your willingness to hear my perspective and preferences.