The Year of The Slut

Followers of my twitter account will likely recall this tweet from approximately a year ago…

I composed and sent it moments after I looked deeply into my fiance’s eyes and informed him of my intention for the new year.  I am not a creature of custom—I need novelty, fresh experiences, and the opportunity to break new sexual ground to feel most alive.  With my first vaccine appointment booked I was ready to begin planning the year ahead; dreaming of ways to make all my slutty dreams come true.

I can’t remember the exact nature of the fantasies that poured from my head to my mouth to my Cuck’s ears that night, but I am certain that the reality of my year surpassed them tenfold.  I wanted to share some snapshots of the sluttiest year of my life: the friendships I forged, the unforgettable evenings of pleasure I reveled in, and the new developments in my cuck and I’s loving cuckolding dynamic.  I could never accurately capture how meaningful and revolutionary these moments have been in the fabric of my life but I will do my best to give you a glimpse behind the curtain of the great production that was 2021: The Year of the Slut.

The highlight of my year was meeting a woman whose presence has forever altered the course of my life.  We became acquainted in the fall of 2020 and developed an immediate friendship.  I have always valued the opportunity to get to know other Cuckoldresses.  Our shared mentality and sexual empowerment is fodder for wonderful shared conversation.  Within the first hour of meeting Áine, I knew our unique bond would be unlike any friendship in the lifestyle I had previously experienced.  Áine is caring and gracious.  I got the feeling of truly being held and listened to every time I looked into her beautiful eyes during our hours of conversation.  When the conversation stopped and our hot play session with five of my bulls started I quickly learned I was in the presence of a slut as ravenous and eager to be worshiped as I am.  We quickly realized that the context of our relationship is more than like-minded friends, more than women sharing the same relationship dynamic, and more than sexually empowered women seeking our pleasure without shame.  Áine and I are souls that have known one another throughout the ages and we found each other in this life through our shared love of the cuckolding lifestyle.  I cannot accurately express how much I cherish this relationship with my Slut Sister; the value of our connection is beyond words.

Áine and I at a Vegas Nightclub

Áine and I were able to spend time together on four occasions this year, each more legendary than the last.  We danced the night away in clubs in Vegas, attended two Splash Mocha hotel takeover events, and sent videos engaging in some playful humiliation to our loving Cucks at home.  The culmination of our slutivities ended where we began them, in Houston, where Áine, her amazing cuckold Husband E (who was the grand architect of all of our adventures throughout the year), my Cuck R, and I were able to all share some cherished moments together.  We also celebrated the launch of Áine’s incredible new podcast, Sexualchemy, at Splash Mocha in Houston.  Áine’s podcast is a groundbreaking exploration of the intrinsic link between sexuality and spirituality.  Her work unravels the shame narrative surrounding sex and pleasure and she has already hosted some incredible guests to discuss their individual journey of sexualchemy.  I have had the honor of joining her for two episodes, one sharing my own journey and one describing the origins of SlutSisters, which has evolved from the friendship we share to a full-blown movement!  More details about SlutSisters will be released soon, please listen to these two episodes for more details and subscribe to Sexualchemy!

My cuckold and I have been on a journey of maturation throughout the past year. The first years of our cuckolding dynamic felt like a whirlwind for both of us.  We were both ravished by the sexual energy that was ever-present in our relationship in ways we had never before dreamed possible.  In October of 2019, we took a hiatus from the lifestyle to focus on one another, debrief our lifestyle experiences, and re-evaluate our goals.  That hiatus ended in February of 2020.  You can probably imagine our disappointment as the world shut down right when we were ready to move forward with full clarity about our desires as a couple.  We found ourselves navigating a very different lifestyle scene than what we entered into, and we each responded differently to the novel stressors and challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brought into our lives.  My cuck has remained the ever-present source of support and encouragement I have relied upon for the better part of a decade. However, we have both realized that his desire to be a present participant in my sexual encounters with bulls and play partners had waned over the years.  He has always derived the most joy within our cuckolding dynamic from ensuring that I am having the most fulfilling sex life possible and enjoying the amplified passion that overflows into our reconnection.  

It is often said that a loving cuckolding relationship, like any other intentional endeavor within a relationship, is a journey containing many expected and unexpected turns.  What is not often shared is how these evolutions in dynamics and/or preferences are affected by the competing and shifting demands of life.  During the pandemic, my cuck realized that certain elements of the cuckolding angst that used to be erotic and appealing to him had begun to feel more like stress, which he was already experiencing a great deal of.  If you are reading this blog as a fantasist or a fan of the lifestyle, without having ever lived within a cuckolding dynamic, you may not understand this development.  I would be willing to wager that those readers who have lived in and maintained a healthy and loving cuckolding dynamic throughout the trials and stressors of life will understand our experience exactly.  

I was invited to share my experience in a loving cuckolding dynamic on several podcasts last year including The Kinky Cocktail Hour, Consenting Adults, and The Ofacez Podcast.  I was thrilled to discover my interview with Leyna Nugyun on Consenting Adults was her #1 most downloaded episode!  I consider this success to be further proof of the cuckolding renaissance as the public is truly hungry for information about real people’s expression of this amazing lifestyle dynamic.

One of the messages I was most proud to share last year came in the form of a podcast episode with my wonderful and cherished friend Cuckoldress Venus.  We decided to set the record straight about cuckolds being cherished, loved, and celebrated for their sexual orientation.  I was able to share the lessons from my previous blog post, Cuckolding From Abundance, and add my voice to a collective of women uplifting cuckolds for being exactly who they are. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to listen to the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast episode “The Worth of a Cuck.”

My frequent travels in 2021 made it possible to develop connections with a great deal of incredible gentlemen bulls and fellow Cuckoldressess and Cucks.  It’s an amazing feeling to know that I am part of a worldwide tribe of people living their truths intentionally and without shame.  If we shared a moment together in 2021, whether it was an orgasmic fuck, conversation and laughter over dinner and drinks, a stroll in the moonlight or all of the above, know that I continue to cherish the memories we made.  Those of us who make up the creative heart of the cuckolding community have spread the message that #CuckoldingisLove far and wide.  Many interpret this to mean that cuckolding dynamics are based on the love shared between the Cuck and Cuckoldress, and that interpretation is absolutely true.  My experience with this entire vibrant community has been loving, inclusive, and compassionate.  Cuckolding love extends to my bulls, who I am so grateful to have in my life.  Cuckolding love extends to my fellow Cuckoldresses, who boldly pursue sexual empowerment in a society hostile towards their sluthood.  Cuckolding love extends to my cuck friends, brave and bold enough to explore desires that run counter to toxic notions of masculinity.  Cuckolding love extends to those curious about this lifestyle, or exploring their own desires.  Cuckolding love extends to you, dear reader. 

I look ahead to a year of continued growth, change, and slutiness-of course. My Slut Sister Áine and I are currently developing an intentional collective of sexually liberated women to provide mutual support, empower one another, network, and play.  I believe this sisterhood will be a powerful resource to women seeking to further their sexual expression, regardless of the relationship container or lack thereof they inhabit.  Subscribe to my blog to remain up-to-date about SlutSisters, coming later this year!

Lastly, I am abundantly excited to announce that I am a part of the first annual CuckWeek Celebration.  I have lovingly christened Dr. David Ley’s incredible book, Insatiable Wives, “The Basic Text” of the cuckolding/hotwifing relationship dynamics. Insatiable Wives is a comprehensive account of the rich historic and psychological context of cuckolding/hotwifing dynamics and it is being released for audiobook purchase during CuckWeek: January 25th – 31st 2022!  I and several incredible cuckolding community members will be releasing podcast episodes, blog posts, and hosting live audio chats during CuckWeek.  Please consider this your formal invitation to join us in sharing the cuckolding love!!  Follow the #CuckWeek account and my account on Twitter to join in the festivities.  I will also be announcing an opportunity to enter a raffle to obtain an audio copy of Insatiable Wives, digitally inscribed by yours truly!

Thank you for your continued support and for bringing life to my Musings.  My wish for all of you is a year of abundance and fulfilling sex.