The Scarlet Letters

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being an invited guest on several podcast episodes about the cuckolding lifestyle. This page contains links to my featured episodes. If you enjoy the podcasts that have offered me the opportunity to share my passion for cuckolding please share them and support them by becoming a Patreon patron.

Keys and Anklets Episode 58: A Conversation with Scarlet, A Passionate Cuckoldress

For many women, the introduction of a cuckolding dynamic serves as the missing piece to complete so much of what was missing in their lives. That reality shines through the experience of Cuckoldress Scarlet, Michael C’s latest guest. Scarlet shares how her fiancé introduced her to the cuckolding lifestyle and how her openness and fascination quickly developed into a smoldering passion. Scarlet’s enthusiastically explains that the intense sexual attraction she feels for her bulls elevates her love of chastity, humiliation, and pegging. Scarlet expresses immense gratitude for the other couples who have shared their journey and the community that continues to inspire her.

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The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast: Navigating the Cuckolding Conversation – She Needs to Have Love with Sex?

Despite solid communication, trust, and a loving committed relationship, couples still often come up on stumbling blocks when navigating cuckolding relationships. The listener says everything was going great until she told him she didn’t think she could sleep with someone else without having a strong loving bond with that person. Now what is he supposed to do?

Join Venus and Cuckoldress Scarlet as they tackle this listeners question. He’s not up against a brick wall, in fact there’s much more that can be done so listen up and get some really great advice on this one!

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Keys and Anklets: He Said, She Said Volume I: Approaching People in the Wrong Way

My recurring series with Michael C., host of the Keys and Anklets Podcast

The hotwifing and cuckolding lifestyles are as intellectually engaging as they are sexy and arousing.  Michael C. Presents a new segment that allows listeners an opportunity to drop in on conversations between an experienced bull and an experienced cuckoldress, Cuckoldress Scarlet.  In this episode, Cuckoldress Scarlet and Michael have an engaging conversation about the intersection of online dominance, cuckolding, and the importance of authenticity.  If you’ve ever wondered about the sexy and fascinating dialogues that occur between a cuckoldress and bull, this series will provide you an exciting inside look.

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Keys and Anklets: He Said She Said Volume II: Bulls Sharing Wives

Michael C. and Cuckoldress Scarlet share their thoughts on bulls sharing the women who they are engaged with in the lifestyle with other bulls.  Scarlet starts off the episode by detailing the story of the first time she was shared by one of her bulls.  Michael discusses the value of realizing the desires of wives who seek to be shared and the advantages of being a bull who enjoys sharing.  This thought provoking episode will stoke the fantasies of couples and sexually empowered women who enjoy the thought of being shared.

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